13 July, 2023

Sotac becomes Hromatka.
Sotac remains Sotac.

Aesch, Castelfidardo

In mid-July, the Hromatka Group expands its Europe-wide network of local distribution companies in the plastics industry to the centre and south of Italy: with the acquisition of the southern Italian family-owned company Sotac Tecnopolimeri, the Italian market benefits from the expanded product portfolio of the European group based in Austria and Switzerland.

As the south of Italy has so far played a rather subordinate role in the portfolio of the Hromatka Group, which operates throughout Europe, this fact will change with the acquisition of Sotac Tecnopolimeri. In addition to Guzman Polymers, which belongs to the group and is based in northern Italy, the catchment area of the new “family member” extends from the province of Marche to the south, thus perfectly complementing the group’s field of activity.

Sotac Tecnopolimeri specializes in engineering plastics such as PA, POM, ABS, PBT, PC, PC-ABS and PP compounds. With renowned manufacturers such as Radici, Vamptech, Cossa Polimeri and Kolon, the Italian plastics expert not only partly brings new suppliers into the Hromatka Group’s supply portfolio, but also benefits itself from an expansion of the product range, including products from the group’s compounder SAX Polymers.

The goal of family Pigini, which has managed Sotac Tecnopolimeri for over 50 years, has always been to be number one in meeting the various needs of its customers through reliability, material quality, security of supply, a broad product portfolio and giving technical advice to its customers. As of July 11th, 2023, the company will have a new owner, but neither the goal nor the management will change: The Hromatka Group – which is also family-run – has always emphasized locality. Therefore, Sotac will remain an autonomous, Italian company in the future. The employees, who are part of the family here as well as there, will also be able to live out their passion for plastics as before.


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